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Redefining Bravery. Changing lives. 

Our emotionally engaging in-school youth workshops provide practical education & strategies for prevention of mental suffering so that our kids can learn how to better cope and manage stress.

We want to impart the message of emotional intelligence & resilience, and teach the mastery of self-worth, which we believe is central to healthy minds and thriving humans.

One in four young people have a level of psychological distress that indicates a probable serious mental illness. Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australians aged 15-45 years. Our youth are our future.

Help us save lives.

Whether you volunteer at a workshop, attend a community event, sponsor a school, or simply spread the word to help us reach more young people...Your support makes such a meaningful difference. 

We are working to change the statistics when it comes to mental suffering & our youth population.

We want to end bullying, inspire self-worth, install emotional intelligence and help our kids navigate the challenges of life one little moment at a time.

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